Suggest Quality VPS hosting

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Wow … That is one busy store you have…are you still running your store on ServInt with the $100 a month option or do you use something else for the CS-Cart store?[/quote]

Dedicated Server(s), Co-Location at a hosting facility. I think about 5k invested there.

[quote name=‘Tim Hensel’ timestamp=‘1346203700’ post=‘143883’]BTW - JesseLeeStringer you have always been very helpful!! You answered some of my questions way back in the CubeCart 2 forums maybe 7 years ago! :grin:


I wouldn’t fully trust that information as I was 17yo at the time :blush:

Sorry about that… :-o

I could have sworn you had answered some of my questions back in the Cubecart 2 forums.

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Sorry about that… :-o

I could have sworn you had answered some of my questions back in the Cubecart 2 forums.


It probably was me, I was attempting to decide upon CS & CC at that time then.

Our cs-cart 3.0.2 has been custom designed and custom coded. After the custom coding, the “Add To cart” functionality is taking 6-7 secs to add a product to the cart and display the popup window. Where should we look to solve the issue?

Is it only our site or even other custom sites on cs-cart take this long just to add a product to the cart ?

BTW our site is

Any help will be really appreciated.

Best that you install CS-Cart in a subdirector, and then import your current store's database and review.

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I can only suggest avoid ServInt. I am currently looking to get off this VPS as there are constant CPU usage spikes even with nothing going on with the CS-Cart. Sometimes trying to do Admin stuff (such as looking at an order) will take 1 minute to come up. Maybe it is something configured incorrectly however I asked the support many different times about the CPU usage spikes and massive slowdowns and the problems still exist.


Hi Tim.

I am having the same problems with Servint - already upgraded twice to SIgnature package ($89/m) but still see the CPU spikes without any apparent reason.

Have you found a solution to that? Do you still host with them?