Sugar Crm And Api To Cs Cart

Is there any solution to solve API and connect to CRM Sugar CRM?

I did not find such solution in the CS-Cart Marketplace. If you need help with this modification, feel free to contact our team using the link from my signature.

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Is there any solution to solve API and connect to CRM Sugar CRM?


We are at your service, contact us if it is a still actual question for you.

Best regards, Alt-team.

We've connected about a dozen builds to SugarCRM .. and since each customer often has different things they want to accomplish with their CRM .. you will be hard pressed to find something as an add-on for this.

This is mainly because the mapping you would do and the logic regarding what comes inbound to your CRM.

e.g. A contact form may be a lead on an opportunity based on what happens ahead of the submission or a field they choose.

A customer registration with a sale - would come over as a customer account - however, you may have a need for that customer to become an opportunity in the CRM for a sales person to follow up with directly.

A registration may also be for a wholesale system ..where yo grant access in order to shop .. so a registration doesn't have a sale to start until it hits the CRM, someone validates the user, then unlocks their ability to shop.

CRM can be as basic as contact management .. or it can cover the entire life-cycle of a user from initial contact to infinity.

The solution for CS-Cart (and most other carts) is merely to codify what you want to have happen, push it to the CRM and do al data transformations there.