Suddenlly in IE my page is not displaying proper

Suddenly my web page is not displaying proper the graphic is broken .

Check it out at

with firefox no problem but with IE.

anybody any suggestion thanks looking forward for a replay soon.


Your site looks fine in IE8, but not in compatability mode.

Here is your site in IE8 (it looks the same in FF 3.6.8)

Here it is in IE7, IE6

Basically it looks like your style sheet isn’t loading. I don’t know why this is. In IE8 I’m not seeing your styles_ie.css style sheet, did you remove this file?

I wish I could be more help, but I’m really not good at the while IE / FF issues, sorry.


This is a strange problem

The site loads fine for me in both IE8 32bit and FF but there are missing graphics viewing it in IE8 64bit plus an SSL certificate warning.

I also see the same problems as Brandon when using compatibility mode in either IE version

Thanks so far I hope i can solve it soon :slight_smile:

The styles_ie.css is there i didn’t remove it.

I turn off SEO addon now is working again.

But would be nice to turn it on:rolleyes:

You could also add the following metatag:

This will hide the compatibility mode button in IE, meaning when you visit your website in IE you won’t be given the option to go into compatibility mode and it will also stop IE from auto switching to compat mode :slight_smile:

Also flash doesn’t support 64-bit browsers yet, so thats why them elements will be missing in the 64bit browsers.

Also have you tried changing the css if statement to:



instead of:



hope this helps.

I changed the cost but in IE7 still the same problem if i turn on SEO addon.

thanks a lot so far i hope will find a solution soon

The site loads fine in IE7. See the screenshots.



Yes is loding fine because i turn off the SEO addon.

But would be nice to turn on the SEO addon without having that issu.

[quote name=‘cloddi’]Yes is loding fine because i turn off the SEO addon.

But would be nice to turn on the SEO addon without having that issu.[/quote]

I don’t think the seo add-on will cause some formating issues. Try to uninstall the seo add-on and then install it back and active them. Also clear the cache (delete all files and folders in /var/cache/ and /var/compiled/).

Bit off subject but I also noticed yesterday that their was a issue with your meta description where you have included your google site verification code.


Should Be:

Also any luck reinstalling seo addon and clearing cache as indy0077 suggested?

When you next enable the seo addon could you check the header code of your website make sure the css paths are correct also if you could post it here with the contents of your .htaccess file I will try and help you further.

Or even better if you could turn on the seo addon and I will check it out myself?

thank you everybody I try to do what indy0077 suggested but Is still not working.

now I leave the Seo addon on.

thanks for the tip for the google site verification :slight_smile:

thanks so much

Ok my bad, I know I’ve not heard back from you yet, but I found another problem.


Should be:

Anyhoo I’ll wait to hear back from you.

EDIT: Oh also when you turn seo back on could you temporary remove the IE8 compatibility meta tag so I can run IE in compat mode :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but these where do i change it?


Should be:

If you goto /skins/YOUR_SKIN/customer/meta.tpl.

You should see the following line:

If it displays as the above code then it could be a issue with your config file / server config.

Also Check /config.php at the very bottom of the file you should see

$config['current_location'] = (defined('HTTPS')) ? $config['https_location'] : $config['http_location'];

Could you please confirm that this is correct :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also could you confirm what version of Cs-Cart your running please :slight_smile: - Also the above locations are correct for version 2.1.1 if the base tag isn’t in the root meta.tpl have a look in /addons/seo/meta.tpl in the same template folder (it was stored here in older versions of CS)

Wow is working i paste the code in /skins/YOUR_SKIN/customer/meta.tpl.

and now is working.

I use cs cart 2.0.4.

Thanks so much :stuck_out_tongue:

You are greath

No worries :slight_smile:

Glad I could help.


Just had a quick look at your source code again, you now have 2 base tags, please check to make sure that you have removed the one in /skins/YOUR_SKIN/customer/addons/seo/meta.tpl

Also don’t forget to add the IE8 compat tag again:

Its not required but IE8 standard mode is more compliant than compatibility mode, meaning you will have to do less IE specific css work and also means its one less thing to worry about.

But like I say its not required, just make sure you amend the seo meta.tpl and remove that base tag from their, you only need it once :slight_smile:

If you need any further help feel free to pm me - oh and you might want to take a look at upgrading to 2.1.1 its got a ton more features and bug fixes but again its not required :slight_smile:

my file in /skins/YOUR_SKIN/customer/addons/seo/hooks/index/

It doesn’t matter if i cancel all these code ```php {* $Id: 8432 2009-12-22 06:40:58Z alexey $ *}

{if !$smarty.request|fn_seo_is_indexed_page}


{if $languages|sizeof > 1}
{foreach from=$languages item="language"}

{/if} ```

ye I'm working offline on the upgrade to 2.1.1

thanks again ;)

No worries mate,

Change that code from:

```php {* $Id: 8432 2009-12-22 06:40:58Z alexey $ *}

{if !$smarty.request|fn_seo_is_indexed_page}


{if $languages|sizeof > 1}
{foreach from=$languages item="language"}

{/if} ```

{* $Id: 8432 2009-12-22 06:40:58Z alexey $ *}

{if !$smarty.request|fn_seo_is_indexed_page}


{if $languages|sizeof > 1}
{foreach from=$languages item="language"}

{/if} ```

This will comment out the extra base tag :)