Subscription to CS-Cart Software is over?


I bought a CS-Cart license a few years ago, but today I am getting a message box every time I try to do something in the Admin Panel. It says “Unfortunately, your subscription for CS-Cart software is over. Please renew it as soon as possible to avoid the program suspending.” But I bought a lifetime license, right? Do I really need to renew it?

I can’t access CS-Cart website, there’s an error… and I can’t possibly loose my store!

Thank you,

Maria Cafe

I have the same problem too. Just started today as well. A problem at CS's end?

I trully hope so, or I will have to consider changing my store to another provider… I hate this kind of surprises!

You should contact the helpdesk and find out what your options are.

I’ trying to contact the helpdesk… but the password recovery is not working. :-(


Many of our customer's have reported the same.

But when we've seen this in the past it's just been because the store can't connect to the servers to validate the license.

And indeed they do seem to have been having some server problems this morning… and were down, although forum has remained unaffected.

It should resolve itself once the servers are fixed.

Hope this helps, Happy Fruit Bat

Thank you so much Happy Fruit Bat! That's good news. I'll wait then. Thankfully I am able to perform all the actions I need despite the error message… it's just annoying.


Maria Cafe