Subpage links no longer displayed on parent page?

So after upgrading from 2.0.11 to 2.1.4 I noticed that my main category pages don't have links at the bottom of the page anymore for the subpages. The only way to get to them is on the side menu I have. Is there a way to enable the links to appear on the main page like they did before? The reason I ask is I have a few pages that were set up where a customer would go to the main page to see a complete list of the subpages below. Now they are almost blank and most customers won't think to look on the right for navigation.

You want to show it in sidebar links to subpages. When you open a subpage links when you still want to display the same set of links. But the problem is that you now want to display is the same as other subpages of the parent page. You can solve this problem by a simple function


I just found it odd it changed between the two versions. I used to see the subpage links in the side bar AND at the bottom of the parent page. Not a huge issue but just thought I may have missed a setting. I suppose I can just go through and manually create the links to the subpages.