Subitems As Multicolumn

Hi All!

I need create pull-down menu with 2 levels. And subitems must be ordered like this (see attachment)

All items it's standard

  • elements.

    Max items in one column - 10. If more - create 2nd column, 3rd column.

    As I understand I need rewrite .tpl file which creating this menu and add some smarty code (main problem!) to split all items of 10 pieces in column.

    Example of this code will be great!

    Thanks in advance!


    I mean this file customer/views/categories/components/menu_items.tpl:

    ```php {strip}

    {assign var=“foreach_name” value=“cats_$cid”}

    {foreach from=$items item=“category” name=$foreach_name}

  • {if $category.subcategories}

      {include file="views/categories/components/menu_items.tpl" items=$category.subcategories separated=true submenu=true cid=$category.category_id}


  • {if $separated && !$smarty.foreach.$foreach_name.last}

  • {/if}
    {/strip} ```

    Nobody know answer?

    I don’t believe :)

    Could do with knowing how to do this too!