Subcategory for more than one category

Hello, is there a way to make a subcategory be under the umbrella of more than one category? The same way a product can be linked to more than one category.

For example:


Category 1: Adapters

Subcategory 1: Coaxial Adapters

Subcategory 2: Audio/Video Adapters

Subcategory 3: Fiber Optic Adapters

Category 2: Audio/Video

Subcategory 1: Audio/Video Adapters

Subcategory 2: Audio/Video Cables

Thanks for any help or suggestion.

I’m looking for a solution for this as well! Does anyone know if this is possible? :slight_smile:

I found something on the forum but it’s not quite what I need. (From olga) basically you create a new categories block and then go to the category you want it to show up in and add it in the “blocks” tab. However, it’s just a text link and it doesn’t look like a menu item, and it’s not in the expanding menu.


Another way I thought of doing it (but it adds a lot more work) is creating 2 sub categories with the same name and just linking the products to both categories. Haven’t tested this yet, but it should work.The downside is you would have to remember to add any new products to both sub categories every time you add a similar product.