subcategory banner

I would like to place a small banner ad (460 px wide) at the top of all the subcategories pages - instead of having a thumbnail for each brand, I would like to have a banner ad. Can anyone advise on the best way to do this? I tried changing the thumbnail width size which worked, but affected all of my product thumbnails negatively, so then I tried using the html editor but it places the banner under the logo which looks pretty bad and wastes space. I’m hoping someone knows of a better way to do this.


p.s. I am using 1.3.5 SP 3 and aquarelle yellow template

Listmania will do this I think

can anyone please advise on how to do this?


Try this:

In “categories_pages/categories.tpl”


{include file="common_templates/image.tpl" [COLOR=Red]image_width=460[/COLOR] show_detailed='Y' images=$category_data.main_pair object_type="category" no_ids=true}

thanks Matt, I tried this and my products all disappeared as well as the category image.

oh sorry, try it again and use “image_width” instead of “$image_width”

that seems to work Matt, thank you!

ok so i set the default to 600 pixels wide. i wanted this only for the subcatergories but now all of the categories are also set to 600 pixels wide, so i just made the remainder of each banner white so it appears the same as it did, but now, on my catalog page, all category images are 600 pixels wide so my catalog page is super wide and scrolling horizontally:

anyone have a solution or advice on how best to configure? thx in advance

In categories_multicolumns.tpl


{split data=$categories size=[COLOR=Red]"1"[/COLOR] assign="splitted_categories"}
{math equation="floor(100/x)" x=[COLOR=Red]"1"[/COLOR] assign="cell_width"}