sub cat position in categories page ?

When you create a category and add some html info to the page whatever you add remains at the top of the category page and the sub category links appear below it, how would I change it so the html I am putting in the category page appear below the CS generated sub cat links,

See screenshot for what I mean, I would like the category links circled to be at top of the html I put in.





Easy, Cheezy.

It looks like you are using sub-cat thumbs and if you are using hooks then this might be different.

In skins/your-skin/customer/views/categories/view.tpl

You have:

{if $category_data.description && $category_data.description != ""}



This is the part that controls the description.

If you want this below the subcategories, you'd move this below:


{if $category_data.main_pair}

{include file=“common_templates/image.tpl” show_detailed_link=true images=$category_data.main_pair object_type=“detailed_category” no_ids=true rel=“category_image” show_thumbnail=“Y” image_width=$settings.Thumbnails.category_details_thumbnail_width image_height=$settings.Thumbnails.category_details_thumbnail_height hide_if_no_image=true}

{if $category_data.main_pair.detailed_id}

{include file=“common_templates/previewer.tpl” rel=“category_image”}



{if $subcategories}

{if $subcategories|@count < 6}




If you also want this below the products, you would move this below:

```php {if $products}
{assign var="layouts" value=""|fn_get_products_views:false:0}
{if $category_data.product_columns}
{assign var="product_columns" value=$category_data.product_columns}
{assign var="product_columns" value=$settings.Appearance.columns_in_products_list}

{if $layouts.$selected_layout.template}
{include file="`$layouts.$selected_layout.template`" columns=`$product_columns`}

{elseif !$subcategories}


{/if} ```

Hope that helps,


Great stuff, works a charm

Thanks Brandon