styles.css all formatting into 1 line after upgrade to 2.2.1

Since upgrading a few of my clients sites to 2.2.1 I have noticed that when I use Chrome's Developer Tools (or Firebug) to find out what the name of a style is on an element it tells me the element name like normal but always says it is located in “styles.css:1” (or line 1) same goes with base.styles.css. It used to tell me what actual line number to look at (like styles.css:1024) and when I view the styles.css file within Developer Tools I do not see any formatting of the style sheet, it is literally all one long line that wraps. But when I look at the file on the server it is formatted correctly. It's like something is rendering it incorrectly or something.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas how to fix this?



you have either smartoptimizer or a CSS compression tool (think there is something listed in the config.local.php file that specifies this.

Thanks Jesse, it was totally Smart Optimizer. It's interesting before the upgrade it didn't do that and now after I can't get it to stop, I had to completely remove SmartOptimizer as changing settings in the config.php didn't seem to make a difference, or clearing out the cache folder. Odd.

Thanks again!