Style Sheet clean up

Has anyone trimmed the fat sort of speak from the default blue (although I think its pretty much the same css for all skins) to get the overall size down from the 40K size it starts from?

I am just trying to optimize a site and this is one file that is huge - almost 2000 lines in the css seems a lot…

has anyone been able to identify certain “chunks” that can immediately go?

I know I can spend about 24 hours myself and go through it :slight_smile: but thought I would ask around


I haven’t done this in default_blue but basic I have a little, one of the main things you can do is just turn off and eliminate addons you won’t be using and I always wipe them out of the templates as well, I’ve created a so called CS-Lite version that basically does nothing more then click, add to cart, checkout, everything else is stripped out…I agree CS has way to many CSS callouts, their doesn’t need to be that many, I think at least 50% of the css file can be eliminated or at least reduced…

Try this, very good, changing the likes of this #000000 to this #000 makes a difference in size.

But have a look at this program and you will soon crop your css style sheet down to size.


sno - thanks for the reply - yes I have done the turning off myself - I have also developed 6 or 7 stores now with varios customization, and in general I always try to strip things down as much as possible.

The unfortunate thing with the css file is that no matter what you take out of the template files or the admin area (turning off) the css stays at 40K or so - and then gets loaded with the ie css as well and next thing you know 50K of data is being moved around - add in the form_scripts of 40+k and hard to make a really super efficient cs-cart… even on a dedicated server I can see 80+ http requests and file sizes add up…

I think what I might have to do is look at a few skin css files and see if they are in fact identical and if so, perhaps create a stripped down version that can then be reused when you have a cart like you mentioned - add, checkout, pay etc…



wow - excellent reference - thanks - I just took the default blue copied in the 1st 500 lines of the css and it went from 13K in size to 10.2K - I will try the entire file -

very much appreciated


Your Welcome