Style Is Ignored In My Custom Template

Hi, I am fairly new to cs cart.

I created a custom controller in:


and created a tpl file to go with it in:


When I write the url:

The (view.tpl) page gets recognized by the controller, but the content of (view.tpl) doesn't show and all global style on other pages in y website is lost in this page, and the title of the page comes as url path?

No Idea what is going on?

- create new layout page for test.view dispatch

- in the layout page settings fill up meta data

- do not forget to add Main content block to this page

Thank you, that solved my problem.

The view shows now, but I doesn't seem to recognize the website overall css styles?


Archive (2).zip

Thank you for replying, but that doesn't really answer my question. I want to know why the styles.css is applied on all pages (tpl) except the one I made?

Sorry, my post was for another thread.

Looks like somewhere custom CSS classes are missed. Check "User-defined CSS class" value of all blocks and grids