Stuck Creating New Order-Urgent

I am in the middle of creating a new order. I don't see how to finish and CREATE the order. I have already confirmed the order with the virtual terminal on Paypal but can't see a button to finish on site. There seems to be an overlay on the right that I can't get past. All the information is complete. If I still have to enter the credit info again I can't get at it. Please tell me what to do to complete this order.

Thank you.

stuck on new order.jpg

could be a js issue,I also see 2 scroll bars to the right, starnge try a different browser

One scroll bar controls the side panel with the customers information, the other one controls the mane page. When I try to print the page I see a create button that is not visible on the website.

If this is the browser then someone has to do something. I guess I have to report a bug.

Thanks for your help.

Just in case anyone is interested.

The help desk informed me that there is an Icon at the edge of the page that opens the side panel for imputing the customers information and another icon sitting at the edge of the open panel (in the middle of the page) to close the panel and reveal the button to create the order.

Enough already with these clever designers. They did the same thing with the Templates. Some small icon sitting at the edge of a page with no label.

I can understand changes that materially enhance the usability of the admin. This is too much,too often.

Forgive my angst.

thx for info
Maybe you want to erase the image with the persons name and address on it if is real