- Art and Animation Bookstore, Just Launched

I just launched for a client. It’s a niche retailer of art books for Illustrators, Animators, Comic Artists and enthusiasts.

All comments and critiques are appreciated! It’s gone through several revisions in it’s later stages, so there may be a few loose ends to tie up.

Thanks for checking it out!

I like the Top Bar and the breadcrumb. Company information is located in the footer, giving more role to the store itself.

The only suggestion, could be to use caps in the category page title and add more space between the letters as in other parts of the site. The shadow gets in the way and could look more clean.

But, is just a suggestion, the site is good enough.

Thanks you for showing us your work and let us know any additional updates. Very good design, well thought.

Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

I may dial back the transparency on the drop shadow a bit, I agree it’s slightly distracting right now, especially in browsers that render fonts heavier, like firefox…