Structured Data Add-On For Google

I'm looking for a structured data add-on. I currently have the simtech version which doesn't pick up everything. I tested the cart power version but from from their demo website, it doesn't pick up everything either.
For developers out there, Google does have a testing place where you can test out your add-on before selling it to cart owners. It is located here:
Google is the standard and these add-ons need to work so that GOOGLE is able to pick up the structured data.
Does anybody have structured data on their pages where google does not give any errors or warnings?
If so, which add-on do you have?
I am using v4.9.3 for my cs-cart version.

Please pay attention to our module

But please note. For example, to exclude warnings about reviews, the product should have reviews. Our module does not show fake data

What sections are not being picked up. I have the simtech one, seems ok

What sections are not being picked up. I have the simtech one, seems ok

Same ones as yours, missing gtin and brand. However, I do have it fixed now with help from Simtech. There is a setting in the add-on that needs to be checked for Global Identifier which I did not have turned on. (doh!) I turned it on and now Google does pick it up. For brand, you have to set up the brand field in product features and use that as opposed to Google Export features under Features Tab of a product.

They did have to change something in my cart but said it would be fixed in the next version of the add-on. And of course, reviews do not show unless you actually have a review for your product. I do need to go through all my products and add the Brand to the brand field (not Google Export Features) but for those that I have already done that, it works fine and I get zero errors or warnings from Google.

Yeah GTIn isnt set up in mine but brand is, so it picks that up

I wonder what they are fixing ?