Stripe Sca


We are needing to update our software due to the Stripe SCA regulations.

Our developer has asked if there is a patch to solve this SCA problem rather than a full website update as we have a lot of custom work on there which was dont want messing up so a patch fixing this would help.


Looks like additional actions are not required if you use 4.10.4 and higher

Hey everyone,

Sorry to dig up an old thread but we are still having issues with Stripe on some of our payments, this is the error:

We are running an up to date version of CS Cart MV but still getting the below error, Stripe are putting the blame on CS Cart. Can anyone help rectify this issue and it really shouldn't be too hard!

The bank required 3D Secure authentication for this payment. Update your integration to set up 3D Secure authentication.

You can set-up for 3D by ticking the box, see cs-cart documentation for Stripe set-up.