Stripe Intergration

STRIPE CONNECT intergration ...

I have come up with a couple of Stripe Issues that as far as I can see in the no-one else has mentioned (in the 92 threads mentioning Stripe in this forum to date). So I wonder if I have done something wrong?

Scaring off vendors

When I connect vendor account the Stripe log on page saids

"The [market-place-name] will be able to see and manage your account data, including payments and payouts. They'll also be able to create new payments and take other actions on your account."

Not sure if that is normal or I chose wrong option when setting up my marketplace level Stripe Account? There were a variety of industry options (about 20 of them). I selected the "webplace or hosting" model as had e.g. Shopify

Everyone has the same name

When I connect an account (created after clicking the Stripe Connect button in market-place), the name of the account in Stripe is [market-place-name] / [market-place-name] so everyone in Stripe in the Administrator account "Connect" tab ends up with the same name. I fixed it by going back into the (Stripe) vendor account and chaging "Public Name" field to the store name, but that won't be an option when a real vendor owns the Stripe account.

Is this a bug or a result of wrong set-up by me? ... and how do I fix it so that when a vendor connects their account (that I don't have access to) Stripe lists the Vendors store name in the marketplace admin Stripe account connect tab?

Tips for anyone else reading this

Here is the cs-cart documentation setup documentation (it's helpful)

and here are a few things that got me that aren't (or at least weren't when I wrote this post) mentioned ...

1. Marketplace has to be open when setting up new Stripe Accounts linking to marketplace (it does a URL check)

2. If you have moderation on then when connecting Stripe cs-cart will Dissaprove that vendor.

3. When you go into test mode (in Stripe),

- your client ID and Stripe codes are different (maybe set up a dummy payment method in Marketplace)

- you can't use real credit card number to test (there are some dummy ones you can find in Stripe

4. Stripe (or it seems might be a bank set threshold) rejects payments less than 50 cents, and ...

5. You don't always get a useful message from cs-cart but there is an error log in the developer tab of Stripe (noting some errors will go to the marketplace account and some to the Vendor account)

6. Use the marketplace Stripe credentials (clilent ID and keys) and not vendor, pretty obvious I guess, a little confusing though when your marketplace and vendor stripe accounts are named the same (see issue above)

7. When setting up a Stripe account for a vendor not owned by the market-place, make sure to create a new account (not sure exactly how but at the first attempt I set up my vendor account as a seperate account under my marketplace account login, rather than a connected account).