Stripe connect issue


Im currently experiencing an issue with stripe connect. Once the user has gone to stripe to place an order and goes back to their cart, the cart is removed and order status is failed.

Is there any way to solve this?

anyone have any insight into this one?

Please try to find error details on the order details page in the admin panel (in the right sidebar)

There are no details given , just that payment was failed


Please try to check the Stripe logs in the Stripe Dashboard for the details.


They are not on stripe dashboard as a transaction isnt completed

Essentially a user is redirected to Stripe portal, user wants to go back, cart is cleared and notification that payment for order has failed

What should happen: user wants to go back, cart is available, payment status is changed to open

In the case a user wishes to change shipping or payment method, they should be able to without this bug occuring

Is it known issue within cs-cart? has a fix been deployed

Thank you for your reply.

No, there are no such known bugs in CS-Cart. This issue requires examination directly in your installation.