Stripe Addon: Simtech V/s Requincreative V/s Cartaddon V/s Abbsoft

Hi there,

We are looking for a stripe addon for cs-cart multivendor 4.2.x and it seems that 4 alternatives are there.







As it seems that price of the addon is different for all of them, thus how do the features vary and which one should we go for?

What Stripe features are required for you business?

Hi eComLabs,

We are looking for these features as we are building a marketplace and could you please PM the cost breakdown of the addon if you are interested in building the addon.


I am happy to install the “CS-Cart Stripe Payment” add-on to your Multi-Vendor store. Please let me know if you want demo for my stripe add-on and i am happy to share the demo.

Will check the [url=“”][/url] and let you know the status via PM.

I have developed more than 5+ CS-Cart payment add-ons.

  1. I mentioned in my earlier comment about integration of CS-Cart Multi-Vendor with Stripe Marketplaces but after studying differences carefully we would be going for Stripe Connect instead of Stripe Marketplaces.

  2. Main admin and each vendor will be able to specify their Stripe account in their vendor panel.

  3. When customer purchases products from different vendors, the funds for the order will be transferred to the main admin account and then automatically redirected to vendors taking into account commissions that were set in the admin account and any applicable transaction fees.

Can anyone tell what's going on with this man? Requin Creative ??? He doesn't respond to emails, I bought 2 addons from him including that of Stripe, I paid for an upgrade and since he doesn't allow you download more than once… He's not responding to emails, I'm going to do a charge back if he doesn't respond to my emails at the end of today.

Please check this addon


I looked into Braintree and Stripe in January. I looked at two vendors. I rejected both, because, at the time my evaluation indicated that the integration was not PCI compliant according to Stripe and Braintree support. Both either stored cc information and transmitted cc info from cs-cart and/or included the full cc number and credit card expiration date in the cs-cart admin. (I asked for an admin demo) Even though I purchased the add-ons, I won't use them.

You have to make sure that to comply with Stripe and Braintree advertised PCI compliance, then the add-ons can not store or transmit critical information from CS-Cart/Server.

I was not able to satisfy myself at that time that any add-on met the vendors requirements. Apparently, integration can be created that works, but not necessarily as intended by the vendor for PCI compliance.

Since it has been about 10 months since I did an evaluation, I would like to hear from any CS-Cart developer of any improvements to their Stripe and/or Braintree add-on that insure they are PCI compliant according to the vendors' specifications.

I think Stripe uses tokenization and Braintree has an integration using remote form fields.

I am still using Cre-secure and PayPal Express and Standard. These are considered as third party processors and I don't store or transmit cc info from CS-Cart. At least, that is the impression I have.