Strange user account

I was cleaning up some old customer accounts that email was no longer valid and came across this.

If I looked up user (user tab, user link, enter email, click search) the user does not come up.

If I enter the email in the orders area I get a couple orders. Then normally if a customer ran order as a guest there name is not a link, but this one is. If I click on there name(link) it does go to a user account. Strange!! I copy the email and try it in the users area and no account shows…

Got me a little perplex. So I go look at the database and find another strange thing, maybe totally unreleated. As I scroll down throught the table cscart_users I was looking at the user_login field. The first 7500 users have there email in this field then it changes to “user_####” find the #### the same as the user_id. I'm guessing that this second this must have been dueto an upgrade in the past. The date it started this was November 2010.

The first problem I think is a bigger concern. Anyone have any ideas?

I am going make a minor change to their account and save to see if It cleans it sealf up.

Thanks for any help.

David DeWitt

Well I tried making minor change, then save. Now I can pull up there account. Must be a ghost in the machine. Still am curious as to what may have happened?

David DeWitt

Might be this scenario.

User creates account/order with

Later they change their email address in their profile to

All the orders will reference the same user_id but searching for the customer under the old email address will fail.

Just a thought.