Strange problem on localhost (xampp) with Required products

Hi all,

Strange problem occured on my localhost when I updated xampp to the latest version.

For some reason, when I click on a certain product, it loads for ages and I would get the error (low memory).

After I increased the memory to 128M, finally the product page loaded (about 30sec), and I noticed it’s loading all products that I have (under required products tab).

This goes for every product that I click.

Now, I do not have any required products in my store, so Im really not sure how this has happened.

If I disable required product addon then everything works fine.

So what should I do? Reinstall cart?

I already reinstalled xampp, downloaded DB from my host and same thing occur.

I would like to keep required product addon active as I might use is someday

And also in admin pages when I try to edit a product, page loads for ages!




Instead of installing the cart and then bringing in your database, just download your cart, put it in your localhost, import your database, and change your config.local.php file to match the new settings. Then you have an accurate copy of your site and aren't trying to match up to things that may be different.



I actually did that as well and same result.

For example. I had CS cart installed also in other folder (just for testing, playing, etc…) and same happened to that site. Nothing was changed to the CS folder, just fresh install of xampp.

I think before i used 1.3.1 version of xampp (not sure), now im using 1.8.0. I deleted the old version as honestly i didn't expect this would happen…

well, i finally made it work. luckly i found a backup of my xampp previous version 1.7.3. and reinstall it and now it's working again. Not sure why I got this error when trying xampp version 1.8.1 and 1.8.0…

Maybe because XAMPP 1.8.x is using PHP 5.4.7 and version 1.7.3 is using 5.3.8?



Didn’t know this could be a problem really. :)

This would explain it CS-Cart System Requirements — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

No support for PHP 5.4