Strange Image Location Flip-Flop

Not sure what happened but maybe someone can shed some light. I had an admin making some changes to products. All of the sudden an image for a product was broken. I looked at the sourced code and it was referencing an image filename with thumb.jpg on the end of the filename located in the images/products directory. The link to the larger image was also broken and it was referencing an image located in the images/detailed directory. Low and behold I found the two missing images but they were in the opposite directories, the one in the detailed directory, the product page was linking to it in the products directory and vice versa.

Also strangely, the thumbnail image looks very poor quality. It may have something to do with when we brought the images over from the original non CS-Cart website but we haven’t run into this before and all the other products as far as we can tell look okay.

Any ideas?