strange image alignment-SOLVED

Hey guys,

I created an image for the bottom block area, but for some reason the image is pulled to the right side in the “catagory” pages. The home page and product pages are displayed correctly.

Incorrect display : https://www.derbysma…om/skate-boots/

Correct disply: [url=“”][/url]

Yesterday I had the same issue on all the pages, but I deleted the block and remade. It seemed to fix the issue on the home page and product pages.

Any suggestions on what to look for?


In Design>Blocks. On the Categories tab, edit the block and view the source code of the block content. You will see an erroneous element which is causing this problem:-


Delete that line and save.

I figured that was something like that, but I'm not seeing it.

Block code is,



After messing with the other blocks in the bottom, it looks like the “AddShoppers Social Analytics” [plugin was the culprit. I have to move it to the bottom of the block area to prevent the error.



By the way, thank you for your help! Seems to be working now.