Strange Error when trying to checkout

Hey team,

I am getting this error when trying to reach the checkout page on my CS Cart site

If anybody could shed any light on this issue, I would greatly appreciate it


There is used some broken third party JS script in your installation that causes this error:

(function ($) {
  'use strict';
  $(document).ready(function () {
    'use strict';
    var progressPath = document.querySelector('.progress-wrap path');
    var pathLength = progressPath.getTotalLength(); = = 'none'; = pathLength + ' ' + pathLength; = pathLength;
    progressPath.getBoundingClientRect(); = = 'stroke-dashoffset 10ms linear';
    var updateProgress = function () {
      var scroll = $(window).scrollTop();
      var height = $(document).height() - $(window).height();
      var progress = pathLength - (scroll * pathLength) / height; = progress;
    var offset = 50;
    var duration = 550;
    jQuery(window).on('scroll', function () {
      if (jQuery(this).scrollTop() > offset) {
      } else {
    jQuery('.progress-wrap').on('click', function (event) {
      jQuery('html, body').animate({
        scrollTop: 0
      }, duration);
      return false;
}) (jQuery);

You can perform a full text search in your installation for the progress-wrap text to try to find out which add-on adds this code.

Also I recommend you to disable DEVELOPMENT mode in your installation since it may light up some vulnerable point in your store, by printing out debug information. In order to do this, check the config.local.php and local_conf.php files for the similar lines:

define('DEVELOPMENT', true);

and comment them out.

I hope it will help you.