Strange error, Im not able anymore to edit design


Suddenly I’m not able to edit design layout with this showing :


Its stuck like this until I refresh the window. The same is happening when i try to enable/disable any addon. Anyone knows how to fix it?

what version, and have you recently upgraded ?

Way too general description of issue to determine the cause.

  • What is your CS-Cart version?
  • Have you recently upgraded your store, or any of your add-ons?
  • Do you have any third-party add-on installed?
  • Have you recently done any kind of “uncommon” action in your store? I don’t think it’s possible for design layout editor to suddenly stop working, something must be causing it.

You may also want to check error logs on your server, these may tell you which add-on is causing the issue.

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I solved the issues, it was caused by an addon.

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