Strange Email Posts To Reviews

I received the following comment on the site. I have no Idea what it says. But there are other comments replying to this comment in english on my site. The original I traced to Poland. The others from various european countries.

Why would these comments come to my site? They don't appear to relate to my products, and If anyone speaks Polish please Translate.

Thank you


This is a notification of a new post to Category: HAIR CARE

Name: Omura
Rating: Excellent!
Κατάλογος του Εξωτερικού Χρέους των 21 ποιο υπερχρεωμένων χωρών του κοσμου χωρών και επι τις % το κατά κεφαλή (η βρίσκετε στην 18η θεση)Γιατί άραγε μια χώρα που δεν έχει την πρωτιά την χτυπούν τοσο οι ανθεληνες φίλοι μας? CountryΧώρα Per capitaΚατάΚεφαλή(US dolalrs) EUR. UNION 27.8641 LUXEMBOURG3.696.4672 IRELAND519.0703 NETHERLANDS226.5034 SWITZERLAND154.0635 UNITED KINGDOM143.0096 NORWAY131.2207 BELGIUM113.6038 Hong Kong105.4209 DENMARK101.08410 SWEDEN91.48711 AUSTRIA90.12813 FRANCE74.61914 FINLAND68.96015 GERMANY57.75516 New Zealand52.30017 GREECE47.63618 U.S.A.47.56819 SPAIN47.06920 PORTUGAL46.79521 ITALY36.841


Its spam, turn on image verification / anti bot validation for your reviews


Looks like Greek language, not Polish

Thanks eCom,

I am trying to figure out how this came to my site when it obviously does not pertain to my business. There were 3 other replys to this email as well. All of the emails were from european countrys according to the ip trace.


As John said, it's spam. You have to take measures to counteract it. Any form on any web site anywhere in the world (whether it's a shopping cart, WordPress blog, whatever...) is vulnerable to spam bots. Now that they have found your site it will probably get worse. Much worse. Turn on image verification if you haven't already, and see what happens.