I had a professional licence which I believe has been updated now to ultimate in 4.01. One of the bonuses is the multiple storefronts which seemed to be free as nothing was mention on the install.

I have just gone to Ecommerce Solutions and Software for all types of business - CS-Cart which says storefronts are possibly charged for

“The price includes the right to install CS-Cart Ultimate with 1 storefront. Each additional storefront license costs $245.”

Whats going on?

Can some one clarify.

I am also wondering how many people use different storefronts and why?

Is it so certain categories have a different colour/templates feel to the site etc or do people use them for different separate businesses that they have?

The people use it to separete their businesses.

Look this link [url=“How to create a B2B website? Get a personal demo.”][/url]

Thanks for clarifying.

Is this still chargeable per extra store like the link above seems to say or is it free?

Professional users will only be able to run Ultimate with 1 storefront. Each additional storefront is chargeable at $245 per storefront.

Thanks for the information.

I think it should have been clearer in the install that this was chargeable. I can see people not knowing and setting up a separate storefront only to get a bill later.