Stored and Pickup Points add-on

Hello all,
We are using CSC 4.16.1 Ultimate edition - we are a classical retailer with a quite large inventory and 30 brick and mortar stores (one country) and 4 different storefronts. On one storefront we would like to implement the following scenario using Stored and Pickup Points add-on:

Storefront: XXX
Warehouses: 2
Stores: 30 (all in same Rate area and same Shipping method)
Pickup points: 0

We do not make internal movement of articles from store to store just for a customer to pick them up where they want - they can only choose a pickup of an article in a store where it is on stock. When looked at the product page stock is showed ok by the individual store. But… when the product is purchased and coustomer is on the checkout page he is shown all of the stores as possibile pickup location, regardless of current stock !?

How can we setup Stores and Pickup Points add-on (Warehouses) to pass stock to checkout?
Becouse now on the checkout all 30 stores are shown as if the product can be picked up at them even if they have 0 stock?

And what happens when there are multiple articles in a shopping basket with quantities that exceed the stock in 2 basic warehouses but there is enough stock in one of the stores? Here multiple other scenarios are possbilie too… There should be a notce that this aricle is not available to be shipped but can only be picked up in a store with enough stock. So, we are missing some kind of stock management in connection with delivery and payment methods. Can this be done with our version of CSC? And if so, how?


The pickup points displayed in the shipping method at the checkout are not limited by the customer’s location. In this case you can create several shipping methods, individual per the pickup point and assign them only specific rate areas, which are specific for the pickup point.

This is determined by the Ship to setting of the specific store/warehouse/pickup point.

Please check the following article: