Store Wide Price Change For An Option

Store wide price change for an option:

I have several product options setup so a customer can select a product and on the product page there is the option to add an upgrade to the product for an additional charge.

​I want to change the upgrade price for all products at one time and I can't see how to do this as when I change the option price on the option page it doesn't change at the proctor level so it looks like I am missing a step any ideas?

​I can go to each product and make the change but this is too slow...

For example, in phpMyAdmin use

UPDATE cscart_product_option_variants SET modifier = '25' WHERE modifier > 0;


UPDATE cscart_ult_product_option_variants SET modifier = '25' WHERE modifier > 0;

where 25 - is the required value in primary currency

Thank you for your idea.

I don't understand your post but I thank you for trying to help!

It looks like by default using a button or menu item etc you are saying I can't make a storewide change to an option - instead it will require some coding...

Strange that CS cart would have forgotten to add this feature maybe you are not understanding me...

As far as I understand, you want to change option modifier price in bulk. Our solution allows to do it through direct requests to database


Editing Option.png

[attachment=15164:Editing Option.png]

Apologies if I was not clear does this screenshoot help? Is this what you thought I meant?

Example six folds are currently $40 on all my product pages but I want them to be $50 as in my screen shot - but they are still $40.

So I think I am doing something wrong...

How many store-fronts do you have?

Only one store front with maybe 3,000 products and 30 categories.

So, you want to change option price modifier for 3000 items from USD 40 to 50 at once. Right?

So, you want to change option price modifier for 3000 items from USD 40 to 50 at once. Right?

Something like that - After checking just now I see that I have 347 categories and 4,000 products some products have no add-on price options, and some have three and some have five or six.

Currently I only want to change one add on by adding 10 dollars so from 40 to $50 dollars.

I assumed that there must be an easy non code way to do this as I am allowed to easily change the price to $50 on the page that I posted a screen shot of. But I can't find a solution taht is easy to do...

Unfortunately, there is no way to do it from the admin panel. So use sql requests in phpmyadmin as per my example

Just in case make database backup

Thank you for trying to help!

I understand the solution - first it is easy to change many price options at once if the products are setup correctly.

I set my products up by accident with individual options instead of group options.

Now I am redoing my options as group options and I can change teh option prices one time and many products are changed all at once...