Store Locator

sorry for the new thread but am unable to find similar issue in past posts.

i am trying to configure the store locator and have enabled it and added the api code but when i enter via the content tab i get a 404 page not found message.

what’s missing?

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but when i enter via the content tab


Not sure what you mean by this… Are you saying that going to the Store Locator in admin panel generates a 404? For what page?

sorry for the confusion

yes, when i am in the admin backend and click on the content tab then store locator i get the 404 error. this is the path after the domain “/admin.php?dispatch=store_locator.manage”

hope that helps.



Version you are running? 2.x is pretty broad (about 18 releases now).

See if you have the page:


If you do, then the problem is probably in the controller addons/store_locator/controllers/admin/store_locator.php. I’m going to guess that for whatever reason (probably ownership/permissions) the template did not get installed.

I do not have a folder “store_locator” after this point “/public_html/skins/basic/admin/addons” I do have a “store_locator” folder here “/public_html/addons” which has two folders “controllers” and “schemas”

Perhaps before delving much further into this…is it a worthwhile feature? We are just opening a brick/mortar retail store and was hoping to have this feature assist customers in finding us.

version is 2.0.15

thanks for your time

I think it’s a waste, but I don’t have multiple B&M stores that relate to my one website.

If you uninstall and install the addon then the mange.tpl will probably be installed correctly.