Store Locator Issues

Is there some way to include fields for address for each store location? I would put it in the description field but…

The description field completely ignores any formatting I put in it. Everything ends up on one line. It'd be nice to be able to include the telephone number along with a fax number without the two being on the same line.

Also, is there a way to extend the search range? I'm not sure what the default is but I'd like to be able to show stores within a 50 mile radius of the area searched.

Is any of this possible?

I guess you need to use html tags, like


If you want to type more than 255 charactors in the field, you need to change setting in your database (table) - “cscart_store_location_descriptions”; the initial setting is STRING - VARCHAR - 255.

I also want to change default radius setting…and am still working on it…