Store Locator Add-On

We have created a customization for the default Store Locator found in CS-Cart Ultimate v-4.0.1 in which we have added the ability to import/export store locations, search for locations based on city, state or zip & select search radius. Store Locator defaults to the Corporate location for initial display.

The Locator displays list of locations found down left hand side of window & displays map with pins at locations found. Pins are clickable and display location data; store address, phone, email, website, with linked “Get Directions” function. Get Directions link currently provides directions to the selected location from the city center. This will be changed to allow site visitor to input his/hers address to get directions from their address to the selected location.

Customized Store Locator can be found at Sound Dampening, Vibration Damping, Thermal Insulation for automotive – HushMat®

At this time this is a one off customization, but I am thinking about boxing this customization up and converting it into an installable Store Locator Addon Upgrade. Which could be downloaded in zip format and installed into cs-cart v-4x quickly and easily. Before I take that path I would like to gauge interest in this upgrade.


is this addon also available for Multi-Vendor 4.1.5.

We need to implement it in MV so that customer can search a store for a vendor that has also a phisical location by ZIP, code city, state and country.

Thank you.

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I am looking for this type of add-on. How can I get a copy of it?

Also, would it be possible to modify the order of the results list of “stores”?

Dear Caroque,

There is a modification New Store Lacator for Cs-Cart in our store.

Please remember that we can change this modification according to your needs easily!

Feel free to ask any questions via or in Skype altteam.

Best regards, Alt-team.

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I am looking for this type of add-on. How can I get a copy of it?

Also, would it be possible to modify the order of the results list of “stores”?


We are ready to adapt the default Store locator module according to your needs. If you are interested, feel free to contact us to get a free quote.

The default store locator is really bad. Unfortunately I have not seen any good looking one from third parties. Yours is the only decent one there is so its probably worth packing up and reselling.

Personally I will keep using somethign else than cs-cart for it until somethign really astonishing comes along.

There seems to be an issue with the store locator add on I have. I have entered and saved the google api etc and when I go back into the addon i dont see a + button or anything else to allow me to enter store details. It keeps showing the same info i have previously entered.