Store location (SEO)

I’ve got a general question about SEO and the location of my webiste.

Currently we have our site programmed at [url][/url]. We have a page that redirects users to /store when they visit us at This seems to be messing up our status on search engines as it appears they only get on home page since there are no links directly on the redirect page.

How can I fix this so that we can start getting proper traffic flow to our website via search engines? Someone suggested moving our store to the root making our site instead of [url][/url]. Does that really matter or is there a better way in doing this?

Oh I love your site, bought from it before. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to meet ya, lol!

As for your question, you may be able to submit the URL as [URL][/URL]. It’s best to have a “/” at the end.

Also, what is your method of redirection? I’m not sure, but you might be able to try using a php redirect by editing the header.


You might also be able to make the root home page an intro page. With an “Enter” link.

Ah, glad you liked our site.

I’ve tried submitting it to search engines as [url][/url] but the same results occur.

I think you should either move it to the root or create an intro page with an “Enter Here” link.

If you decide to move it to the root folder, you should go into the config.php in the store root and adjust the paths.

There are a lot of different “theories” on this (including a few here on this forum)

I would move the store to the root, or, at minimum, do what Matt suggested and make the root index at least a click here to enter

Maybe add a couple of links to the “new” index page in the root (links, FAQ or something)

I have an entrance to my backissues site ( from the main root ( plus a couple other options. Over the past month, the main page has increased substantially.

Well originally had it where you had to click before you got to the site but people thought that was “dumb” since there was only the one store. We had talked about doing other stores later down the road but decided to incorporate those efforts into this one. So the meta redirect was done.

let me add that a meta redirect is usually penalized (as I understand it)

I just finished a course on SEO and you dont want an intro page Mate!!