Store import from a different server (from 2 to 3)

I want to upgrade cs cart 2 to 3.

In this page I see that CS cart 3 and 2 must be installed on the same server.

Now, my cs cart utlimate will not be on the same server as we decided to move to another, so by setting the “expert settings” parameters with the old cs cart db data in the store import addon, the store import will work?


I have the same issue. I'm trying to upgrade from 3 to 4 but am installing 4 on a different server because 3 is on a Windows server and we are installing 4 on a Linux server.

How do you do a store import since the Store Import only works if both are on the same server?

Create a fake site on the server you want to import to. Ie copy your old site and db.