Store Front As Https

Hi Guys

I have a store in 4.3.1 and running in HTTP. It uses WorldPay gateway for payments, so I thought In don't need HTTPS.

However, in Google Chrome in the Checkout, it says 'Insecure Site' in the address bar area.

My question

How difficult is it to enable HTTPS. I can buy a certificate from the Hosting provider and set that to my domain. But how complex is it to enable it in CS-Cart? Is there any bugs, and do I need to affect any pages or database records. Can I just check the HTTPS box in Settings and is that it?

This may seem obvious but `i have had problems with upgrading my store, and as it is live I don't want to end up wityh an error and go off-line.

Any info would be great!

easy enough nowadays

Thanks. Is it really that simple? What about the friendly URLs, won't they loose the paths?

No, they will all stay the same, ist just the connection that will change. And the redirection if needed will be done with a 302 to keep the lin kjuice