Store Data (Address, Name Etc) Multilingual

Hi guys

has anybody figured a way to make Company data that show up on Invoices multilingual?

Its a same to have all in 2 or 3 languages (like order status and all order data on invoice etc) but company address and the rest only in one language.

Couldnt figure out a way to make this without tempering with the core files or the data base.


Doesn't setting the language in the admin save the company data by lang_code? What are the language specific fields that need to change?

Hi tbirnseth

Its all the data in admin.php?dispatch=settings.manage§ion_id=Company (Settings> Company) like Company City, Address, State, Country even Company Name.

No Field is language Specific. If you change it in English it will also change in all other languages.


I guess my question was that if you had an address like

123 somestreet

What would a different language interpretation of that be? And if I used it to send a letter, would it get there?

Same for all the other fields other than possibly Company Name.

If my company name and address was:

Big Company

123 White Av.

Portland, Or. 97221

and I translated this to Spanish like:

Company De Grande

123 Aveinda Blanco

Portland, Or. 97221

The post office would never find White Av. from Aveienda Blanco.

So I think the only valid field in the company data would be the Company Name. Now one could argue that you might have different locations, but this would be tied more to location than language. I.e. Could be French Canadian versus France (both in French) or Cuba versus Spain (both in Spanish) and I might have offices in each.

Well you are right if you use the latin Alphabet but in Greece or Russia for example things arwe different

Have a look at my store for Example . I have all in Greek

Dvs eCommerce Experts

Περικλεους 40

34002 Βασιλικο Ευβοια


So customers from all over the world get this, which is useless. So I had to make it in English. I find that as a minus point.


Not sure I understand why having it in Greek is a bad thing. Using your example, how would a Russian speaker derive value from your company info being in English when all the product info and other labels on the site will be seen in Russian (if they’ve chosen Russian language).

I like these kind of discussions because it forces me to think outside the comfortable box I live in! :-)

Well company info written in difficult letters like greeek or cyrillic or even Arabic! make people frustrating cause they dont understand it and they dont connect this to the online store.

It would be logical to have like in my email singature all the company info in an appropriate language. See it also as a marketing tool.

If I mainly target greek market for some products its ok to have Greek, but If I decide to exapand in Germany then this is a major problem. You always have to adapt to your local market. Sometimes is a matter of laws , like in this case a European law, where you have to to be clear on all of your contact data.

I find it more of a forgotten function. When you can translate almost 98% of the store, this shouldnt be a problem.

I also like those conversations. I find new perspective on things!


Also need to add here that If I need to add those data to a newsletter (per addon ) or any other kind of block (footer info) on the site it is not possible for a multilanguage site. It will always be in one language!


Well, you know us Americans, everything is English and we have no clue about the rest of the world! :-)

So I guess this is a candidate for the infamous 'user voice" area. Good luck with that.


you are right. I am going to need a lot of luck!