Store Closing - A little to easy?

One thing that I find strange is that its very easy to close the store. 2 clicks and everything is offline. I can see this being a potential problem for a non expert user, or someone who only manages taking in orders and is not familiar with every part of CS.

Even with User groups setup seems like any user can close the store. Is there a way to restrict the closing of the store so the master admin only?


I’ll bet you could add an if statement around that link so that only the master admin sees it. The code you are looking for is in skins/basic/admin/bottom.tpl

{if $settings.store_mode == "closed"}

I think the if statement you’d want to put around it would look like this…

{if $user_info.user_id == “1”}


Make sure the master admin’s user ID is 1. If not, change the 1 to the appropriate user ID.

Thank you! Worked perfectly.