"store Closed" Page After Clicking "submit Order" On V4.1.4

Please help!

I upgraded my store yesterday from 3.0.6 to 4.1.4.

Today I created a test product for $1.00 and added it to my cart and went to the checkout. Everything went well until I clicked “Submit My Order” right at the end. At that point, I got a spinning gear and then the page refreshed and went to “CLOSED. Sorry, the store is temporarily closed for maintenance.”

The store doesn’t actually close, though.

I’m using Requin Creative’s Stripe add-on for receiving payments. This worked great on version 3.0.6. If anyone has any ideas what might be wrong, I’d be indebted for your help.

Never mind. The store import had nuked the Stripe add-on. I've fixed that and all is well.

I am having this problem also, how did you fix it?

There was an addon I had to uninstall.