Stop Tinymce from stripping out code

Tinymce keeps stripping out html code I insert. I want it there even if it is not correct. How can I stop tinymce from code cleanup?


We had to stop using tinymce and go back to CKeditor. You can do it by going to…

Settings > Apperance

…and then change the “Default wysiwyg editor” to the one that you want.

Hi Clips. I tried ckeditor, but it strips out code to.

Hi found this on

First of all this is not a bug but how FCKeditor and CKEditor works (the former is no longer supported).

If you want to add some HTML (e.g. some styles in head section) to existing HTML document then you should set config.fullPage=true, and create an “onpaste” method or a plug-in that will walk through DOM Tree created by CKEditor, recognize tags like HEAD, BODY etc. and append appropriate pieces of your HTML to those tags.

There are many CKEditor classes and methods that allow to do that easily. Just to mention: … ument.html … ement.html … .node.html

Hope this helps a bit