Stop Second Cart Promotion For Same Product


I need to create two different cart promotions for the same product but with the condition that if one is currently applied another one can not be applied or has to be stopped if already applied.

For example

General coupon code is XXX for product A (-30%)

Special coupon code is YYY for product A (-60%)

if one of these coupones is applied another one stops or can not be applied.

"Allow customers to use single discount coupon only" is not suitable since we allow multiple coupons for different products.

As I know stop other rules only work for catalogue promotions

Any hint how to do it?


Setting the stop further promotions checkbox isn’t working for you?

Looks like It does not work for cart promotions (only for catalogue promotions).

General coupon code is XXX for product A (-30%) Priority 100

Special coupon code is YYY for product A (-60%) Priority 0 (Stop other rules)

In the cart you can add both coupons and both will be applied.

OK I got it.

If you use catalogue promotions when it is enough to setup Stop other rules for the promotion with highest priority.

IF you have cart promotions then have to set up stop other rules for both promotions for the same product. In this case the highest priority will stop another promotion for the same product. Otherwise stop other rules does not work.

I wonder there is NOT A WORD about it in the docs !!!

Another question:

If I set up condition quantity 0 or 1 for the product then it gives bonus to unlimited quantity.

If I set up for example quantity 3 it will give bonus for quantity 3 and up

How can I create strict condition that only works if QUANTITY of the product = 1 or 2 or 3?

Total quantity in the cart is not suitable.

That's because you've given the one with no stop a higher priority. Hence there is no stop after that rule is applied.


according to the docs:

Priority—the order in which the promotions are applied. For example, 1 is a higher priority than 10; 0 is the highest priority. Promotions with higher priority will be applied first.

I tried just for test to give priority 500 to the second promotion (with stop other rules) and it did not work. The only way it works is to set up stop other rules for both and the one with higher priority means priority 0, will stop other rules.

Another "discovery":

If you want to limit product quantity in the cart promotion condition maximum to certain number you need to do as follows:

If all are true

Product in

Product A, Quantity = 1

Product not in

Product A, Quantity = 3 (this will work same as less then 3)

Coupon code = ABC

In this case bonus will be given only if quantity 1 or 2 is chosen

it does not have any logic but IT WORKS.

P.S. Would be much easier if CS CART change this logic

For example:

setup 0 = any quantity

setup different number = iqual or less then input number

Sorry, mixed priority and position...

Would make more sense if a "higher priority" were a larger number... Or simply use 'position' throughout which would imply that a higher number would be processed after a lower one.