Stop making orders with out pay

is there a way to stop people making a new order of the same item without making payment to one that they made earlyer?

The problem i'm having is that when an order is placed i later out the payment through and for some reason if it get decline or fails i let the customer know that but insted of the customer going to hes orders and click on the declined/failed order to make payment again, they just make an new order. Like today one of my customers order got declined 4 times and insted of going to hes orders to make payment again as instrocted they just made 4 differant order so by the time the order got accepted i had for witch i had to cancel which can get really annoying.

So what i'm looking for is a wayto stop them making an order for the same item with out making payment on an order that has the satus of failed/declined/unpaid or so on…