Stop All Discussions at once

Notice when you create a new product, you can select to add the discussion feature but the problem is, when you want to turn it off or temporarily disable it, you have to go through each item one-by-one and take it off.

Our problem is, our site has grown lately and we’re #1 on Google but now all of a sudden companies are posting advertisements for other companies on the discussion boards. Some of it is fine but some of it is related to adult movies and they are still getting through and being posted. I just need to shut down all discussions and need help on any easy way to do this.

If you really want to turn of ALL comments, go to Admin-Addons-Main and uncheck “Comments and reviews”.

Another option might be to go to the Comments and Reviews tab and turn on moderation/approval as needed.


are bots posting the messages? if so enable the image verification addon…

[quote name=‘snorocket’]are bots posting the messages? if so enable the image verification addon…[/quote]

Don’t think everyone has the balls to upgrade atm :wink:

It’s best that you turn “on post per IP” rule on. saves spam attacks simply and it works

Will keep all this mind. Want to upgrade to the newer version. Just scared everything will go down. Looking for detailed instructions.

Oh well, turning off the review feature will hide all reviews too, right? I want to keep what I have, but just halt any new submissions for the time being.

As far as bots, I don’t think so. It’s like one or two postings, so I’m sure somebody is going there daily and posting things. We have their IP address but I don’t want to make it a legal matter.