Stock Status Update

I have a .XML / .CSV file from my supplier with items that are “Out of Stock” and items that are “In Stock”. There are a few hundred entries so manually updating stock weekly would prove to be quite a hassle. Im pretty sure something could be done via the “Upgrade Centre” and the “Update Database” but haven’t a clue what query would need to be used or if that’s even the right rout to take. Anyone more knowledgeable than me have any ideas? And how do you keep your stock up to date?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated?


If you’d like to set the same amount for all the products then you can execute the following request:

UPDATE cscart_products SET amount='XXX';

where XXX - is the needed amount;

But if you want to do anything else then please clarify what exactly, it is not quite clear to me from your message.

Thanks for the reply. I would be looking to do a kind of “search and replace” where if a product code exists in the database, the item’s field (whatever it may be) should be replaced with X.

I did find a commercial MySQL application that does the job beautifully and in a matter of seconds, so i’ll be managing all my databases with this little gem from now on. Navicat MySQL is the progs name if anyone wants to know.

Thanks again.


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