Stock Management Help

I am looking into stocking my site again with around 1500 products. I don’t really want to go through the rigmoral of CSV Files as its all too time consuming.

Does anyone have an idea of how I integrate a stock management system from my distributor that I can update regularly as it has out of stock lists, new stock lists etc etc.

They offer XML feeds but haven’t a clue to how they work within CS Cart.

Thanks in advance.



CS Cart

Here’s a shot in the dark:

First, I create the all the products. Then I update the inventory counts from time to time by importing a file.

This all hinges on the fact that I have inventory reduction “turned off”. In other words, if a person orders an item it will not reduce the count by 1 in inventory. The inventory counts always remain the same no matter how the orders go.

I use CSV files and edit them in Excel. When finished editing, I “update” my inventory by including only the SKU (item no) and QTY and importing the file. But it doesn’t sound like that would work for you, though I find it very easy.

As the file is imported, CS Cart first looks to see if the SKU exits (all mine exist already). When it finds a match it simply updates the count. Should it run across an non-existing SKU, it will create a new one. This might affect you as you mentioned “new stock list”.

If it were me, I’d find a program that converts XML to CSV. Not sure, but I think they are both types of text files anyway. It could be that UltraEdit could do this, it works with many file types. Once converted to CSV I’d import it into Excel. I use Excel to manipulate my data as it can do formulas and a whole bunch of other stuff. Then I save the file as an Excel file (for backup), then save it again as CSV.

If you are not “building” new products during the import, then you’d only be updating inventory counts and that should be a lot easier. You could probably find a programmer that could take the XML file and manipulate it how you want. Rent-A-Coder is a good service where you can get programming done cheap.

I think by 2 cents worth has run over into 4 cents, but I hope this helps.