Still No Way To Use Unique Product Ids On Variant Combinations?

It's been a couple years since I've setup a CS-Cart store. As far as I can tell, there is still no way to assign Product IDs to production option variants? I'm surprised as this is a pretty common world thing. For example, you might have a clothing item that comes in different sizes and colors and each unique combo has a unique sku. Let's forget about color and just focus on size. So one item might have the following skus:





You get the point. However, unless I missed something, the only way to add the item to the cart with the correct sku is to make each variation and individual product.

Is this still true?

Further search... I guess this answers my quesion. Ugh.

About 4 years ago I actually customized the code to do assign unique SKUs to options. But it wasn't written with the intent of distributing the enhancement. It was a custom "hack" for a particular store that is no longer using CS-Cart. It took one person (me) less than 100 hours of designing/coding/testing to pull off - that's about 3 weeks in the U.S.

Please check these references...

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That is helpful thanks.