Still I Got ""sorry, It Seems That We Have No Shipping Options Available For Your Location."


I am configuring real time shipping.

When I press test button only, the shipping test works fine and i get rate but still get this error.

"Sorry, it seems that we have no shipping options available for your location.

Please check your shipping address and contact us if everything is okay. We'll see what we can do about it."

I make sure from:

The addresses of the vendor and the customer.

The rate area works fine for tax so it supposes to work for shipping.

The product has weight.

I tried in test mode and production.

I use version 4.10.3

Thank you so much,

I'm getting this issue as well, have tried a bunch of proposed solutions I've found and haven't had any luck. Manual shipping works but I have no interest in doing that since I'd need to configure hundreds of shipping options.