Step Two Checkout


i have a problem with checkout.

when a new user create a new cart and goes to checkout, the system jump to step 3 without passing through the step 2.

so the user can't insert the address data.

how can I solve this problem?

tnx. Lorenzo

According to cs-cart its default functionality...

I am afraid, some code changes are required to do it.

There is no problem to change the code, but I can't find the file where modify the code.

I used cs-cart for the past two years. During this time I stepped into a lot of issues and very dubious implementation procedures from a logical point of view.

The user should have an easy and quick navigation experience.
paid cms as cs-cart should ensure that and more.

For my personal experience I will recommend it to anyone.
I am very sorry but me and my company are seriously thinking of moving to another system.

Please check and correct the fn_checkout_update_steps function (app/functions/fn.cart.php)

You are missing variables in the Database and you should add them manually.

INSERT INTO `cscart_settings_objects` (`edition_type`, `name`, `section_id`, `section_tab_id`, `type`, `value`, `position`, `is_global`, `handler`, `parent_id`) VALUES
('ROOT', 'display_shipping_step', 6, 0, 'C', 'Y', 320, 'Y', '', 0),
('ROOT', 'display_payment_step', 6, 0, 'C', 'Y', 330, 'Y', '', 0);