Step-By-Step Checkout 'are Shipping And Billing' Switcher Not Showing


Hoping someone can help: I've upgraded to v4.10.4 but was experiencing too many problems with the new checkout so have gone back to using Step-by-Step checkout. But now it's broken and trying to piece it back together!!

For step 2 I want to have the Shipping address first and then a message and checkbox 'Are shipping and billing the same'. Like this:

In the admin when I configure the Profile address section order: as 'Shipping first' (instead of billing first), it shows both full forms for shipping and billing address form instead of hiding the second form.

Any help much appreciated.

I really thought that rolling back to Step-by-step checkout was going to fix this problem.

But it appears to be related to the "create an account", or "registration" design, and not necessarily checkout.

It's unreasonable that a customer would have to enter all their data TWICE to create an account IF the shipping and billing are the same - which is true for MOST customers.

I've disabled Anonymous Checkout. I've turned off Quick Registration. AND you will find that if you turn off Quick Registration there's no email address field on Checkout. <-fixed this.

This is keeping me from upgrading beyond 4.9.3 in my live store and I'm very frustrated that the KEY and FUNDAMENTAL function of checkout is so screwed up.

I solved this problem by unchecking Billing Address fields as REQUIRED in Profile Fields.
I also had to manually remove BILLING EMAIL address and SHIPPING EMAIL address fields from the database table so I could include the email address in ONLY the Contact information. (If you have EMAIL address in Billing or Shipping information, you can't remove it thru the admin form).

Step by step now works as it did before the upgrade.