Stay Login Timing in Administrator Portal

After upgrading to CS4, I will have to keep re-logging to my administrator portal frequently.

Is this a new security function or settings? Is there any means to change to stay logging timing to prevent being log out after certain timing?

Default is 2 hours. To change it, find the line that looks like below and change the integer to the number of hours you want.

define('SESSION_ALIVE_TIME', SECONDS_IN_HOUR * 2); // 2 hours

However, I think 2hrs is plenty of “idle time” before being asked to re-authenticate. What if your laptop is stolen?

2hrs is indeed a long duration. Somehow or rather, this is not staying alive for 2hrs for me. Sometimes it such stay alive for 15-20mins and I have to re-login again.

If you are using IE, it might be changing the user-agent on you because it thinks the page would be better rendered in a different version of IE. Other than that, I don't know of other reasons why the session would be terminated other than the IP address changing.

So is there anyway to disable the change iIP logout?

You can add a line of:

fn_define('SKIP_SESSION_VALIDATOR', true);

to your config.local.php

This will prevent it from looking at both IP addresses and user agent.

If you want to not look at them individually, you will have to change the definitions in config.php. Search for the string 'SESS_VALIDATE' and adjust accordingly.

I had uncommented link session ID with ip address as well as setting link session to false.

Hope this works… keeping my fingers cross at the moment

// Session options
// Session options
// define('SESS_VALIDATE_IP', true); // link session ID with ip address

Ok this still does not work. I need to re-login frequently. Anyone facing the same issue!?

In your case then, I would use the SKIP_SESSION_VALIDATOR method I first described. If you continue to be logged out then you should contact the helpdesk for them to diagnose. That is the only thing that restarts a session other than the session timeout (first suggestion).

tried this but still no luck, going to contact helpdesk for diagnostic.