Status changes so they are 'processed'

There doesn’t seem to be the option to allow statuses that also make the order ‘processed’. It would be nice to have an additional checkbox that could make the order ‘processed’ so that the order amount appears in the total on the summary page.

We have a status ‘Place on Course Confirmed’ and want to use this instead of ‘Processed’ but then the value doesn’t appear in the ‘Total Paid’ amount

thanks Paul

Do you need the ‘Place on Course Confirmed’ status in addition to ‘Processed’? If not, you can just change the Name for the “C” oder status in Orders->Order statuses.


Ideally yes we need both as we process sales and courses. Can I change the ‘place on course confirmed’ status somehow so it also appears to be processed as well ?

There seem to be a load of letters you can select when creating new statuses but does the software actually use these to determine a status?

Thanks Paul.

Unfortunately, the cart only recognizes specific statuses; the ones we add are mostly window dressing. As you suggest, it would be nice if we could specify for each order status what its logical or workflow status is (e.g., ‘Shipped’ and ‘Picked up’ are both workflow status ‘C’ or, as you describe above, two or more order statuses that are both workflow status ‘P’).


You can vote for this feature in the Ideas forum: